If you are like most people, your mobile phone is probably an inseparable part of your daily routine. From handling emails and texts to streaming videos and playing games, our phones have already started to rule our lives. However, irrespective of how pricey and high-tech your device is, one fact remains – batteries of phones don’t work forever.

During the course of its lifetime and charging, the battery will become less capable of holding a charge as originally programmed to. It could be that your phone is not lasting much longer on the same charge now and it needs to be charged repeatedly. Perhaps you experience situations when your battery dies even faster than before.

When it does, it obviously indicates the battery needs to be changed. Doing a DIY battery replacement typically voids your warranty and causes other problems if it is not done correctly. That’s why it’s smart to refer to a professional phone repair service UK that is skilled in battery replacement and other services.

Fix Your Gadgets: The Phone Repair Service UK 

When it comes to reliable and affordable phone battery replacement across the UK, Fix Your Gadgets is your go to phone repair service expert. Our trained technicians will be able to get your device’s battery replaced and work like new in no time.

Regardless of the model or brand of your mobile phone, Fix Your Gadgets can cater to your problem efficiently. We offer mobile phone repair services for an array of phone brands such as Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Honor, etc. We only use top notch battery replacements that always meet or exceed the customers’ expectations.

One of the biggest advantages of using Fix Your Gadgets is the incredibly fast turnaround time. 

Just, mail your phone to us from anywhere in the UK, for example Manchester, Bolton, Preston or elsewhere. Our technicians will determine the battery problem, carry out the replacement, and ship your phone back to you as soon as the battery is replaced, which could be 0-1 days. You can get the device back on the same day!

This instant service is to make sure that you are not without your mobile phone for a considerable period of time. With a fresh battery, your device could come back to life with the same amount of battery life hours that you had before.

Affordable, Warranty-Backed Battery Replacements

Alongside our top-notch diagnostic skills and unbeatable service turnaround, Fix Your Gadgets also values affordability for our consumers as the mean prices for replacement batteries is inclusive of all their services. Their rates are at the market minimum or even lower, making them pocket friendly for everyone.

Furthermore, at Fix Your Gadgets, we warrant our work through thorough guarantees of parts and labour. Our new replacement batteries come with at least a 6-month warranty, which shields them against any kind of defect or problem and gives the customer a 100 percent guarantee.

The expertise of certified technicians, the flexibility of fast turnarounds, the affordability of reasonable pricing, the strong warranties, as well as the amazing customer service, should be enough to make us the best and the smartest choice for the UK residents when it comes to mobile phone repair services. Get in touch with us for a quick replacement of your old battery or check out our website for any other service that you might require. Don’t wait any longer and get your gadgets fixed in a seamless and effective way!