Locations for Repairing the Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets and Consoles

All mobile phone models in the UK are fixed by our skilled specialists at Fixyourgadget. Our skilled specialists will fix your phone and send it back to you the same day we receive it in the mail, regardless of whether you live in Manchester, Bolton, or Preston. A complete list of the locations from which we accept postal repairs can be found below. Please get in touch with us if your address isn’t on our list, and someone from our staff will respond.

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Locations for iPhone Repair

We service iPhones from all throughout the United Kingdom, including the places listed below. Not predicated upon any of them? Get in touch with us right now to check whether we can still fix your phone.

Locations for Tablets Repair

Apple and Samsung tablets from all throughout the UK, including the places listed below, are repaired by us. Not grounded in any one of these? To find out if we can still fix your phone, get in touch with us today.

Locations for Laptops Repair

We repair laptops from many manufacturers from all around the UK, including the locations mentioned below. Not based on any of the following? Please contact us immediately to see if your laptops can still be fixed.